The Baling Industry’s Finest Horizontal Balers

    Excel Manufacturing designs, manufactures and delivers today's finest horizontal balers to the recycling industry. Our horizontal baler line includes both single ram and twin ram horizontal balers designed with Excel Manufacturing's combination of innovative engineering, virtually indestructible baler construction technology, and top quality materials and baler components. Each of our horizontal baler customers experience the service that you expect from a company who still believes that "built with American pride" means everything. These qualities make Excel Manufacturing a leader in the horizontal baler industry.

    Excel Manufacturing understands the horizontal baler equipment demands of our recycling and waste handling customers. We build high quality horizontal balers that bale non-ferrous scrap metal. These powerful horizontal balers readily bale copper, recycled construction aluminum and scrap metal. Recycling facility managers need horizontal balers for a variety of needs. Whether it’s balers for paper, balers for plastics, cardboard balers, waste balers, or a baler to bale textiles or styrofoam, we have a horizontal baler that will operate with the dependability and consistency that your recycling facility’s baler manager demands.

    We are committed to continually extending our standards of baler innovation, strength, warranty, and service in the single ram and two ram horizontal baler industry. Excel Manufacturing is producing the horizontal balers and service today that customers can count on to serve as a cornerstone of success for the future of their recycling business.

    Horizontal Baler Product Guide